people need the Lord…

This week through a variety of circumstances and situations I have been put into God has really been providing reminders of how much we need to realize how everything we do can have an impact on someone else having a relationship w/ God. How God gives us opportunities and gifts that we need to be using to reach our lost family, friends and community.

We kicked off the New Year here with our annual lock-in at the Rec Center and had 168 teens and several other community members. Through providing a fun recreational opportunity for the teens we had a chance to build some relationships and share the love of God with all of the teens. From there Erin and I went back into our FCA huddles in the local middle and high school this week. Our lessons with the kids were about how no matter what might keep us from sharing Christ with our friends (peer pressure, popularity, lack of time, etc.) we are called to share Christ’s love, even if the person has done wrong towards us. Our verse was from Colossians 3 about how we are to do whatever we do for the Lord not for man.

That really started hitting me hard this week and especially going back to my first and main point which is realizing how everything we do can have and impact on others. Often times dealing with the public and various other circumstances I’ve realized I don’t always reflect Christ well and sometimes not at all to them. And that’s just wrong. Even if my “job” wasn’t full time ministry as a follower of Christ I must forget what is putting me in a bad mood or what someone has done to wrong me, treat me poorly, or just plain old annoy me and realize that I have a duty to serve my Lord and Savior and show his love. Without that love being evident in all that I do and say people will never listen to my words if they don’t see it in my everyday actions.

The title of this blog is people need the Lord. Not trying to rip off the song, but it’s true, and it’s something I must always keep in the forefront of my mind wherever I am at and whatever is going on. While being used of God to help bring others to Him is awesome, I definitely don’t want to be the excuse anyone uses for why they chose to reject Him. I pray that as this New Year kicks off this will be your goal as well and that we will see many of our family, friends, and community come to Jesus!!!


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