Today I had the opportunity to do something that I have been doing since high school. I was able to attend Moody Bible Institute’s annual camp fest. This is a day where camps from around the country come to Moody and try to recruit college students to work at their camps both for the summer and possibly long term. Growing up at Youth Haven and just knowing the impact that God has used YHBC to have on my life I love getting to opportunity to share with the students not only about the camp but also all the other opportunities that KMM has to offer them for ministry.

Growing up at YHBC it’s so easy for me to be able to share about the camp, but the desire to get these kids to come to camp to work really sparks my drive to recruit. We desperately need young students with passionate hearts for ministry both in our short and long term ministries w/ KMM. So, I pray that hopefully my passion for the work God is doing at KMM will rub off on the students today and that they would be inspired to come to Kentucky to serve with us!


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