so close yet so far away….

Thursday morning began like most mornings before a trip home. Erin and I got up, got ready, got Maeven ready, ate breakfast, loaded our car and then started what should have been about a 9 hour journey from Chicago back to Beattyville. However about an hour outside of Chicago we quickly realized this wasn’t going to be a typical trip. As soon as our windshield got dirty and I tried to spray it with the wipers we realized that the fluid had frozen up. When we would stop periodically though out the day it would defrost for a bit but quickly freeze when we were driving.

From Merriville, IN on we hit snow and just a little outside of Indianapolis it really began pouring. It poured and poured and for the rest of Thursday we didn’t get above 45 miles an hour and barely saw the road. God blessed us with a very pleasant baby though, who was wonderful on the road. She really didn’t start to melt down until hour 12 in the car. It was about that same time though that the snow became so thick that we didn’t feel it was safe to continue. So we pulled into a hotel and got the high quality $45 a night room. It was cheap, warm, and safe so we can’t complain, however you really had to think twice before stepping into the shower.

After a safe and sound night of rest we continued home and in total we had spent about 14 or 15 hrs on the road. However God really blessed on our drive. He provided us safety, let our windshield cleaner work when we need it most, and we had a great opportunity to listen to some sermons and just spend some time discussing what we had learned. Thankfully now we are safe and sound in Beattyville…


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