snow snow go away….

Today the kids of Lee County had another snow day. While I love the sight of snow and think the pure white scenery is beautiful, it’s time for it to end. So far in the months of January and December we have only been able to have the Monday After School Youth League for bowling twice. So, we are not only losing financial help for the Rec Center, but also the more time the kids are away the more they might lose interest and forget to come back when school starts. So needless to say we are praying hard for a warm up and that our students will come back to the Rec.

Another bad thing about all the snow days, is that as they pile up the kids move farther into the summer for getting out for their break. This presents a problem for us at Youth Haven. Our summer schedule is all set, but will the kids be able to attend???

So, if you look out today and see that white stuff laying all over the landscape, please start praying that it will go away!


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