Tonight myself, Erin, and my sister Amanda had the chance to watch a movie called “Inception”. The whole idea of the film was about people going into different levels of other people’s dreams and either finding out secrets about the dreamer or trying to plant an idea in their minds. Over all it was a very intense and thought provoking movie.

As I watched the movie I thought about my own dreams and how sometimes they seem so very real. I have random dreams it seems like where often I am on a big adventure of some kind. i have dreams where i am with a friend and while the friend’s character is the same throughout the dream different friends actually are that character at different times. I know it’s confusing but it happens a lot.

The most common dream I have though is one where I can fly. I actually have this dream quite often. Sometimes it’s as though I am floating over a crowd of people, other times I am in a hurry to get somewhere and I just fly over everyone, and other times I am rescuing someone and flying away from danger.

The weird thing is that sometimes I wake up so convinced that what i have dreamed is totally real and actually happened. It’s like I really believe that I flew, or I had an argument or fight with someone and wake up totally ticked off at them. I guess that’s why the movie tonight sorta stuck with me, what if someone could actually see the craziness that goes on in my dreams I don’t know if they would find out my secrets….other than I must be nuts!


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