back to FCA…

Since Christmas break we have only been able to be back in the schools for FCA one time at each huddle due to the bad weather and cancelled school days. This week however the weather, though rainy, is warm and our students are back to the grind of studying and classes. So, bright and early this morning Erin and I got ready and headed up to the high school for our FCA huddle. I had the opportunity to share with the students about how God didn’t design us as Christians to face life on our own, but how we are to be a help and encouragement to fellow believers and how iron sharpens iron. Sometimes when you speak to teens especially that early in the morning you can tell your words are just bouncing off numb bodies. However, I am so thankful for this year’s group of students that are attending our weekly huddles at LCHS. You can tell while many are new in their faith and not really athletes they are really serious about their walk with God and want to learn more about Him and have a deeper relationship. I really pray that God would use these weekly meetings to encourage and strengthen our students. I know God can truly do great things in their lives and Erin and I are excited to be a part of that process!


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