a new perspective…

For the past couple of days I have been a little under the weather and this morning it finally got the best of me. So, I have spent most of the day on the couch watching tv and sucking on Hall’s cough drops. While Erin and Maeven went to church this morning i tuned into a service on tv.

The speaker that I heard today spoke on a passage from Matthew chapter 8 that i have heard and read many times before about various miracles that Jesus performed. While I knew many of these stories by heart the perspective was one that I hadn’t heard or at least not given a lot of thought to. The speaker’s main point was that the miracles of Jesus should be viewed as a preview of what we have to look forward to in Heaven. When Jesus healed the sick it was a preview of how one day all our sicknesses and infirmities will be taken away when we are in Heaven. When he took away pain it was a preview of how there will be no pain in heaven. And when people experienced joy as a result of Christ’s miracles it was a preview of the joy that we will have in Heaven with God.

While I know this is a true but simple thought i was reminded that I don’t really think about Heaven often enough. I don’t think about how God has created this awesome place of no pain and suffering where I get to spend all eternity with Him. And when I don’t think of this, i realize that i haven’t been praising Him for this great gift that He has promised.

So as I have heard this week of so many people who are sick, going through pain, experiencing the loss of loved ones, and even as i lay here with my simple little cold/flu, i am so very thankful for the promise of Heaven that God has given us and the preview He gave us in the miracles of Jesus!


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