a great day of FCA…

Today has been a busy day of running around doing many different things. The best thing about today though is that I had the opportunity to lead not one, but two FCA club periods at the local high school. What’s awesome about this opportunity is that most of the students who come to the FCA club days are kids that probably don’t even go to church. So once a month because I bring food these kids come to our club and I get a really rare opportunity to share the love of Jesus with them right in the school.

For the past couple of months due to bad weather and various other circumstances we have had to miss these two monthly clubs. So today I spent the first part of each club talking to the students about what all we do on a weekly basis in our Tuesday FCA huddle at the high school. As part of that I talked to them about our theme of “Unleash the Power.” Through talking to the students about how we can unleash God’s power in our lives through integrity, servanthood, teamwork, and excellence I was able to share the Gospel with the students. It was a truly awesome opportunity that I am thankful for. Please join me in praying for these students that they would make the choice to follow Christ. I know many of the students there today come from really bad homes, have been in lots of trouble, and have various other issues in their lives that are really hindering them from trusting in Christ. Our God is the God of miracles though, so please pray that He will do a miracle in their lives!!!


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