a review of this week…

This past week I haven’t really done much blogging mainly because I just haven’t felt like I had that much interesting to say. So, it felt like writers block had permanenedtly set in. Yet as the week draws to a close tonight I felt like I needed to blog something.

This week had some ups and downs. On Tuesday we took Erin to the doctor for a check up. Thankfully the doctor thinks that things are fine but still ran some precautionary tests. On Wednesday Erin and Maeven took our schnauzer Nixie to WV to breed her for pups. However, it turns out our Nixie was too big to breed and we were told to put her on a diet so that when she comes back in heat later this year we can breed her then. On the bright side Nixie did get a good grooming in WV.

I have also had a week of doing some stuff that I haven’t had an opportunity to do in awhile. On Thursday night due to some of our staff having to be in different places I had the opportunity to, along w/ Tim Estes, help run the the church basketball league at YHBC. While I love the bowling leagues, I have always love bball as my number one sport, so being able to watch and help run some good basketball games was a lot of fun and nice change of pace.

During our FCA huddles this week I had a chance to share with the students about how God has a plan and a purpose for their lives and that they are not random accidents. The students really paid close attention and had lots of good feedback as we discussed our passage from Jeremiah.

Tonight we were supposed to have an FCA middle school party at the Rec Center. However only one student and our teacher sponsor Jessica Napier came. But, no worries, we didn’t let that spoil a night of fun, we all ate a bunch of pizza and bowled and really enjoyed ourselves.

While this week doesn’t seem that extraordinary it was a good week that God blessed me with. And more than anything I am so thankful for God allowing Erin and Maeven to have safety as they travel and come back home to me. I am truly blessed!


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