Well, I signed into my blog for the first time in many days and noticed that very few people have been reading my blog lately. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is because I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping up with new and exciting blogs. For some reason with the onset of fatherhood I have a lot more exciting things going on in my life to blog about but alas don’t find the time to actually blog. Hopefully, I can eventually remedy that!

Things here in Beattyville are going really well. I have been working in the KMM office a bunch learning how to do the finances for KMM. It’s been a lot harder than I thought it would be and I have found out that a lot more detail goes into the book keeping than I had originally expected. That being said I am really enjoying it and also having one aspect of my ministry with KMM that I see results in at the end of the day. So much of what we do we may not see results for years or maybe not at all, but this is one little slice I feel like I have some control over and so that’s very pleasing.

Our FCA huddles have been going really well and the students are finally opening up and discussing things a bit more than they used to. I’m not for sure why but it seems like it takes the students most of the school year to open up and then when you reach that stage of openness it’s time for the school year to end and you have to start over in the fall.

This Sunday night I am going to be sharing a short devotional at our Church on the topic of Why Missions? So for my part i decided to talk about one of the reasons for missions is that we are called to make disciples. While I love talking to kids and love sharing about our ministry here to anyone, I get nervous, I mean really nervous, doing sermons or devotionals in front of a church full of adults. So if you think of it this Sunday night please be praying for me!

Maeven is doing well this week although she is ending the week with a little cold. Please pray that she will feel better soon and not get too sick!

I have to run but hope you have a great weekend!


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