april fools…

it’s been a busy week for use here in Beattyville. One of those weeks where you don’t really feel like you have sat down at all, got tons accomplished but at the same time not as much as you would have liked to. I have had several meetings this week which for the most part have been really good as far as moving the ministry here with the Rec Center forward.

On Monday we had our weekly after school youth bowling league. I have really been enjoying my time with these kids lately. With finally having a solid core of kids that are coming weekly we have been able to learn their names and get to know them pretty well. It’s been especially nice to run into the students outside of the Rec Center and see them light up when you recognize them and call them by name in public.

Both of our FCA huddles, at the middle and high schools, went very well this week as we were able to share with them about Jacob wrestling with God and finally realizing God is in total control. Then taking that lesson and applying it to their lives and how when they are wrestling with choices and circumstances in their lives that they can trust that God is in control too.

Today we hosted a group of 5th graders at the Rec Center. Wow, did we make some milk shakes! In a 25 minute period I probably made at least 20 milkshakes. The kids were great and well behaved though so no complaints.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day of getting ready for a visit from my in-laws, taking them to look at a house we are thinking of buying, and then coming back to the Rec Center to have a Biggest Loser awards ceremony. However, the big point of the day comes at about 8:40 tomorrow night as UK tips off in the Final Four. I still remember them making their championship runs in the 90’s and am very hopeful to have something to celebrate this year!

Well, I’m off to bed, but thank you so much to all of you who read and pray faithfully for us!


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