travelling to schools….

This week I have had a very exciting week that was a very different change of pace. Through a heart for our local teens Leslie Cable, a local teacher, developed a vision to reach our local teens for Christ, many of whom have just become very apathetic about Christ and life in general. So through much prayer and many other things God worked out she was able to set up this week where Chad Varga, who played both college and pro basketball, was able to come and share in the school’s his story of coming from a split home w/ a drug addicted mother. Then invite all the kids to a big rally where he finished his story by sharing his testimony and about how his relationship w/ God is the only thing that truly matters.

So for the past three days I have had the opportunity to travel w/ Chad to the local schools to help show him around and also take lots of photos. Through going to all these schools I also had the opportunity to talk to principals, teachers, and even superintendents about the Rec Center and bringing their students there.

In each school rally you could really see that the kids were hanging on every word and really being affected. And even though God wasn’t mentioned in the assemblies you could tell that He was definitely stirring and moving in the hearts of the kids.

Last night, after being in five schools and several assemblies the final youth rally was held at the Breathitt Coliseum. There were over 2,000 people who attended and heard Chad’s testimony and a very clear Gospel presentation. Several hundred kids came forward to make decisions. It was a really amazing thing to be a part of seeing so many kids choosing to follow Christ.

Please be praying for the students that came forward that they will get plugged into churches and discipled. Also be praying for the many students who didn’t make decisions. They heard a very clear message, so pray that God’s Word would still tug at their hearts until they come to know Him.

Lastly, we took Maeven out last night to the event and so I couldn’t resist putting in a cute picture of my baby girl!!!


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