rockin my baby…

Last night while working the pre-teen lock-in at the Rec Center I received a call from Erin letting me know that our baby girl Maeven had a temperature of 103 degrees. I came home to check on her and we agreed to give her some tylenol to see if temperature would go down by the time I came home from the lock-in. The tylenol helped out a little bit so we decided not to go to the emergency room.

About 11:15 I heard some really painful screaming/crying from the nursery and so i ran back to check on my baby girl. She had tears streaming and just a pitifully sad look on her face. As i pulled her out of the crib to hold her, it was definitely one of the first times as a dad where I felt that sad pain of knowing my child was in pain and it was all I could do not to tear up myself.

So till about 1 am Maeven and I sat up in the rocker in the nursery and I just rocked back and forth until she drifted off. By the way she kept trying to chew on my shirt I could tell that the issue is definitely teething. It was great to see her just finally sleeping peacefully in my arms. I am definitely a blessed man!

Also I am praising God for our first ever pre-teen lock-in at the Rec Center! Over 123 kids attended and really did awesome. No real behavioral issues, no smoking/tobacco issues, and the kids didn’t make as big of a mess as the teens, and lastly we had some great volunteers who helped the night go great! Most importantly though Preacher Bill was able to use an illusion and Henry and Homer to share Jesus with all these kids. Truly a great night!!!


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