audience of One…

Over the past few days I have been doing a Bible study on Character w/ a teenage boy from our community. It’s been awesome to see the way God is using the study as every study has lined up perfectly w/ issues that the young man is going through. Especially since I have just been doing each study as they are ordered in the book and not purposely selecting what I think might apply to him or me.

Today’s study was on giving our all for an audience of one. Since the study was based on and FCA book there was a significant amount of sports analogies, but nonetheless a lot that could and needs to be applied to our lives. So very often we go through the motions of life just doing enough to get by, but not being totally focused and never truly giving our all.

One of the examples in the study was of a guy who played football and at the end of every practice his coach had the team do lots of running for conditioning. The guy and his buddies who were seniors never really ran at full speed and did just enough to get through. However, during this senior season another guy named Tim who went to church with the story teller and was a few years younger, joined the team and ran full out all the time. Tim ran so hard that the other teammates got in trouble for not giving their all and had to run more. So the story teller went to Tim and asked him to hold back a bit and run with the rest of the team so that no one would have to get in trouble. Tim looked at the guy and told him that as a fellow Christian he couldn’t believer that he would even think to ask him of giving less than his all. Tim said that he ran and played football as though Jesus was sitting in the stands cheering him on to give his all w/ the gifts that God had given him. The author said the conversation changed his whole perspective and he began to give his all in practice and soon the other teammates did too.

This made me think of our walk and testimonies as believers. When fellow Christians and unsaved friends and family look at us do they see someone who is sold out to and giving their all for Christ? Or do they see someone who is half-hearted doing the minimum? My favorite Bible verse is Hebrews 13:5, where God promises He will never leave us nor forsake us. The Bible also says He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. So while it may sound silly, what Tim said about picturing Jesus in the stands is pretty right on. The Holy Spirit is with us as believers always and there for we do have that constant audience of one. So how are we doing? Are we keeping this in mind and going all out, not making excuses, leaving everything on the field of life? I know during the study i was convicted that very often I don’t. To say the least this study was a good kick in the pants reminding me God has given me talents and gifts and all that He is asking is for me to totally use them to bring others to Him. He gave the gifts, He’s with me when I use them, and now I just have to do it. My prayer is that I will always be found giving my all…and I pray that’s your prayer too…


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