a prayer walk w/ an angel…

For the past several weeks on days where I didn’t have to be somewhere early I have been getting up to work out and then take my boxer on a long walk down the highway that runs in front of our house. When I don’t walk Angel (my boxer) she goes nuts and whines all day driving Erin and Maeven crazy.

This past week I have started using this time of exercise and dog walking as part of my devotional routine. i have been taking advantage of free podcasts of sermons of some of my favorite pastors. Then when the sermons are over just spending the rest of my walk w/ Angel praying and just having an intimate time of conversation and praise w/ God. I know some of the people who have passed me on the road as we are walking must think i am crazy, looking like I am talking to myself or a dog. But I have noticed a huge difference in my day and attitude in general.

In the hustle and craziness that is my life lately, I am very thankful for this time that God has given me to spend w/ Him!


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