great end to the week…

Last night Erin and I awoke to the sound of Maeven wailing in the night at about 1 am and it continued till about 2:30 and then again at about 6 in the morning. i was supposed to be to the Rec Center by 8:30 and ended up being a little late. Then the rental group that was supposed to be there at 9 had some complications with their transportation. To say the least it didn’t look like May 22, 2011 was getting off to a bad start and bringing a rough close to the week.

However, God had other plans and May 22, 2011 ended up being a great day. The group that came late was a great group of 2nd graders that were very easy to work with and I had a blast joking around with some of more talkative kids.

Later in the afternoon a group of students, teachers, and others from the community came out to the Rec Center for what hopefully is going to become a weekly Bible study. It was great to get the opportunity to share with students that are really wanting to grow in their walk w/ God and adults who have a passion and desire to come alongside them and encourage and help them grow in that process. It was just an encouraging time to be able to help with something that I have had a deep desire to do since I came back to KY. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks are going to bring and I pray that God uses this Bible study to do great things!

After the Bible study Erin, Maeven, and I headed to Powell County for a get together with our church sunday school class at our teacher’s house. It was just a lot of fun getting to hang out with friends, eat, and even see Maeven enjoy her very first Easter Egg Hunt! She did a great job of picking up her eggs, although she didn’t know what to do when they started to roll away from her. I also really enjoyed getting to talk with the guys from our class. One of the things I have missed since leaving Chicago has been fellowship with solid Christian guys around my own age. So nights like tonight are just another blessing and encouragement.

While today may have looked as bleak as the cloudy skies we faced all day outside when things first started, it was just awesome to see all that God had in store!

Maeven getting ready to hunt eggs w/ Allee


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