when a kiss hurts…

Over the past few weeks Maeven has hit another growth spurt and lots of things are changing from her size, amount of hair, hair color, and even her becoming more and more vocal as she talks and sings incoherent words to us. One of the things that has been interesting though is that some of the things we found extremely sweet and funny are now starting to be quite painful!

When she first got hand control she would reach out and try to grab noses, ears, lips and whatever she could just to feel. It was so cute to see her just exploring and checking stuff out. Then came the pain! Now she has some little nails that she sinks in and it feels like she is about to rip off whatever she is grabbing.

Another thing that started out so cute was Maeven trying to give kisses. She would smile big and then with a wide open mouth gum whatever part of your head/face that her mouth landed on. We would say aww how cute your giving sugars….then came the tooth. Maeven currently has one tooth on the bottom front of her mouth and when the gummy kiss comes in she bites right into your face….another big ouch!

So all this to say is that as a first time parent I am learning to be more cautious as to what I laugh at and what we encourage as being cute. If we don’t think before encouraging it could come back to be painful one day!


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