another great Bible study…

Today we had another Bible study at the Rec Center for our local teens. We talked about Job and how he had an authentic faith that wasn’t based on his circumstances. Then we compared that to how teens today seem to be all for God when they are riding an emotional high or things seem to be going their way, yet when anything bad happens they seem to lose their faith that God exists or if He does that he love them. And this isn’t just a teen issue, but a human issue.

It was great to see and hear the teens as they were very honest and open about their own struggles with this issue. Also, it has just been very encouraging to be able to hear students being real. While not every student shares you can see that they all are listening and pondering what we are discussing.

I’m not sure what all God is going to bring from this weekly study, but I am convinced that something great for God’s Kingdom is in the works!


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