mixed reactions…

Last night I was comfortably sitting in a chair at my in-laws watching the Apprentice when i saw coming across the screen that the President would break in soon for an important announcement. Like most people I was worried that this was just another attempt to trump the Donald. So before Donald could fire anyone the news cut in and talked for over an hour before the President came on the air to let us know that Osama bin Laden had been killed.

Immediately after this announcement I began to watch as tons of mixed reactions came across the news, twitter, and Facebook. Some of the reactions where cheering on the death of this terrorist, others saying they were glad to have closure but found it odd to celebrate the death of any man. Some people were going way patriotic talking about how much the USA rocks. Other people were talking about the President either saying how great he is and he’s the only reason this happened and others ragging on him taking credit for the death of bin Laden.

All these different posts left me feeling totally mixed myself. While I did feel a since of relief knowing that this man was no longer a threat, I agreed with those who said it was awkward celebrating someone being killed. Even though I have no doubt that this man was evil and needed to be brought to justice, he was a man who needed Jesus. And while many people mocked the death with comments about virgins waiting on Osama, the sad truth is no matter what other say hell is the only thing that awaited him.

Next, all the credit and barbs going towards Obama. I do congratulate him and and our military that this missions has been accomplished and some closure has been reached for our nation. Yet, as I listened to the speech last night there seemed to be an awful lot of the use of the word “I”. One of my friends posted this, “I don’t get why Obama is getting so much credit for Bin Laden’s death. He wasn’t the one that found him. He just gave the order to attack. It’s like giving the lady who says Gentleman start you engines the credit when a driver wins a race.”

I have to agree with this statement, while I am glad Obama gave the order to go get the man I can’t give him the main credit. It was our brave armed forces that got Bin Laden. Just like it was our brave men and women who got Saddam and not Bush, although Bush deserves praise for allowing them to get Saddam just like Obama in this case.

So all this to say I am still very mixed on my whole thought process. Is it ever good to celebrate the death of a lost person?

The only things I know for sure are these things….Our brave military people are to be congratulated and praised on daily risking their lives for us. I congratulate both this president and the last one for seeing the finding of Bin Laden through. I also know that the finding of Bin Laden has nothing to do with our president being a Democrat and not a republican, nothing to do with his skin color, and nothing to do with him being a poor or great president. All he did was make the right choice by sending people in to get Osama. And lastly I know that NBC should have finished the Apprentice and Mr. Trump should have fired Nene or Star and kept Hope alive!


One thought on “mixed reactions…

  1. Candace says:

    I agree with you on rejoicing over a lost soul’s death. I fully agree that he should have been shot and killed but I don’t believe it is right for us as believers to praise his death. Proverbs 24:17-18. So I am with you on the mixed emotions.

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