a nice mini vacation…

This past weekend Erin and I had the opportunity to go to WV for a mini vacation. We figured since we are trying to find a new home and have various support issues that we would just take a trip that would be relaxing and on the cheap side. Also coming to WV would give us the opportunity to meet with various family, friends, and ministry partners.

On Saturday we were able to participate in a 5k walk to help raise money to send kids to Mountaineer Spina Bifida camp. The weather cooperated wonderfully and Erin and i took both Maeven and the dogs with us as we walked. We had a great time catching up with friends at the walk and getting some good exercise. The only bad thing is I still have shin splints today.

On Sunday we were able to talk to the children’s church at Erin’s home church, Bible Center as I blogged about earlier. We really enjoyed our time with the kids, and eating w/ the Thompsons after the service as well as getting to see lots of other friends as well.

On Monday we had a down day which was needed. We were able to get much needed rest and just chill at my in-laws house. I was also able to take Erin out for a mother’s day date to the movies while my mother-in-law baby sat Maeven. It was nice just to have some alone time with Erin and enjoy a good movie.

Today was a busy day of meeting with friends and trying to get some insurance stuff straightened out. All in all it was a great day.

While this mini-vacation was not exotic or extravagant, I am so thankful for the much needed rest and the time God gave us with our family and friends. As always we are truly blessed!


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