the western…

Today I found myself with something I haven’t had in awhile. It was about an hour of dead time. I had caught up on all my work and was waiting for our kids to arrive for the weekly Bible study. No one was here at the Rec Center for me to help and I had all my studying and prep work done. So, I did something I haven’t been able to do in a few months. I went to my bookshelf and pulled out a Louis L’Amour western.

When I was a kid my dad always was reading the these westerns. He had Louis’ paperbacks laying all over the place. For awhile I would try to buy him some for birthdays or Christmas, but soon figured out that I had no clue which books he had and which ones he didn’t.

When I moved back to KY in 2005 I started buying and reading them for myself. There was just something addicting about getting into these stories about men living on the frontier fighting for justice in a wilder yet simpler time. Sometimes I would go for the big long super sized novel and others just for some short stories that I could finish in a few brief pages.

So today I pulled out a western called “Brionne” and sat down to read and with in a matter of minutes was deep into the story. Making me wish that I was out riding a horse or taking some target practice at the least.

My dad definitely passed his love of this genre down to me and with my collection slowly growing hopefully I will pass it down to my kids….yup one day my beautiful daughter Maeven will be reading a Louis L’Amour western!

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