gearing up for a busy weekend…

This upcoming weekend is going to be a busy one for the Owens family and the Rec Center. We are getting ready currently for our annual Golf scramble and have lots to do before Saturday morning comes. The good news is that since I posted last week I have had some good response to getting sponsors for the golf scramble. We can still use more sponsors but God is really blessing and lining up help for the finances and work at the scramble. Please keep praying though for good weather as this can really put a damper on the day!

Also this weekend we are having another pre-teen lock-in at the Rec Center for kids in the 3rd-6th grades. The last one of these we had went great and we are excited to see what God is going to do to reach the kids at this lock-in. Please pray for Sam Judd as he will be sharing the devotion with the kids.

Also, we are super excited to be having my grandparents come to visit. Especially seeing my Grandpa Cramblet participate in the golf scramble! Although my whole family know’s Maeven is why they are coming! lol

Well, I know this is a pretty rambling blog post, but I am really excited about what God is going to do this weekend and want to ask you to pray for us!


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