an update from the past few days…

The other night I wrote a blog on gratitude and so one of the first things I want to do tonight is express my thanks for everyone who helped out with the Golf Scramble fundraiser this past Saturday. God was truly great and blessed us with beautiful weather and one of our biggest turnouts in the 5 years that we have been doing this fundraiser. Forty golfers participated and many people came to eat with us, plus many more supported the event and Rec Center financially. It was just an awesome day and I can’t begin to express how thankful i am!

On Saturday night the Rec Center also held a lock-in for elementary age students. Because of the Golf scramble I wasn’t a part of the lock-in however it was awesome to hear that one of the young boys came forward after the devotion to speak with Sam Judd and accepted Christ as his personal Savior!!! Truly a great day!

Today at the Rec Center we had our end of the bowling season awards day for the After School Jr. League. It was great to go around taking pictures of the kids and seeing how much they truly enjoyed the experience of being in the league. For me personally it was a great experience being a part of this league because of the opportunity it gave me to help one of the kids accept Christ earlier in the season. It also was a little sad too as we saw how some of the kids came from really solid families, but others came from really rough home situations. We hope to be able to keep some of the kids coming for a summer league and I am very excited to work with them again!

It’s been a busy, busy, busy past few days, but it has also been a very encouraging time as we have see God doing some amazing things!!!


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