a fun Memorial Day…

Today was a great Memorial day for the Owens Family. First of all without intending to I was able to sleep in and get some very much needed rest which in turn allowed me to have a more productive day! Very very glad for that!

Next, for the past few weeks Erin and I have been wanting to buy a mini-van for our growing family. With Maeven and the dogs, plus the possibility of more kids in the future our car situation was rather tight and uncomfortable for travel. Erin’s dad made us a great deal on his mini-van, but we knew before we could afford to get it we would need to sell Erin’s car and get rid of her payment. So we began praying that if it was God’s will that things would work out smoothly for us to be able to get the van by quickly selling Erin’s car. We had a couple of people that told us they were interested so we waited, but those never really panned out. So this weekend I cleaned up the Versa and today we took it to a friend of my dad’s that owns a dealership to see what he would offer. We had prayed for an offer in a specific price range to let us know if we should sell it. God totally answered our prayers and we were able to sell her car today!!! Now we hope to be getting our van this weekend and thus be able to travel as a family with more room and comfortability.

At the end of the day we went to my parents house for a cookout to celebrate my mom’s birthday later this week. We also brought my parents a kiddie pool for Maeven to play in when she is visiting them. I about passed out trying to inflate the pool but it was so worth it as we watched Maeven splashing and swimming around and my parents just enjoying her so much! I bet there are lots more swimming days for Maeven at Grumpie and Grammie’s!

Tonight we finally ended up back at the Case de Owens, where I spent a fun filled evening doing laundry and dishes, but after the past month of not being able to keep up on stuff around the house, it’s nice to have some time to catch up! God is truly awesome and I am thankful for a great day!


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