FCA Leadership Camp…

Over the past few years of helping lead both First Priority Clubs and FCA Huddles here in Lee County I have had many goals for both myself and our local students. One of the main goals I have personally had is to expose our Lee County students to what their fellow students who are Christians are actually doing for Christ. To let our students know that age is not an excuse to not have a vibrant relationship with Christ where He is the number one priority in their life and that they CAN make a difference in their local schools. Not just because I am telling them they can, but because other students in other schools are already making a difference for Christ.

This summer one way that I am trying to help expose our is by encouraging them to go to a national leadership conference/camp that FCA is holding at Campbellsville University, June 23-26. This is a national camp that is going to have speakers and leaders from various universities and sports. Our kids are really going to be exposed to some awesome christians of all ages that are doing great things for God.

Out of all our FCA students I had four that have committed that they want to go to camp. I have been able to find sponsors to cover two of the four students so far. The Leadership camp costs $225 a student which is more than our students can afford to pay for themselves. So, Erin and I are trying to contact local churches and people to see if they are interested in helping send these last two students to leadership camp. Erin and I will actually be going along as chaperones and participating in the camp too to help our students along the way.

I have no doubts in my mind that this can and will be a life changing experience for our students. If you are interested in helping out with sponsoring our students please contact me as soon as possible as i have to submit deposits for our students early next week. I am sorry to be sharing this request with you so late, but I wanted to be definite on how many students we had that were totally committed to going. Thanks so much for reading this and if you can’t help financially please join us in prayer and pray that this week of FCA leadership camp will have amazing result that impact our students and in turn impact our schools!


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