a week of being amazed and thankful…

The other night I lead a lesson in youth group on how sometimes we seem to have periods of silence in our lives where we wonder if God is there and if He cares. This has not been one of those weeks for Erin and I.

On Monday, as I have shared earlier this week we were taking Erin’s car to see if we could sell it in order to get a min-van from her parents as soon as possible. We both had prayed for the situation and had a high and a low number that we hoped to get for the car. The first person we took the car too offered us right in the middle and not only were we able to get enough to pay off the car, but also to pay for tax transfers on the new van! A true blessing for us.

Yesterday, I sent out an urgent blog request asking for help in sponsoring our FCA students that they would be able to attend FCA leadership camp. With in six hours several friends from different places and times in my life had contacted us and we are now able to send all four of our students to camp! As we sat down at the end of the evening last night, Erin and i were both awed at how God had blessed and provided so quickly!

Today we came to WV, to pick up our van and hopefully close on it we were praying that God would let the whole transition move along smoothly. In less than hour we were in and out of the bank as new van owners!

As we came back to Erin’s parent’s house I received an email from our health insurance company. Last fall when Maeven was born they raised our insurance rates up almost $300 a month. Then a month ago I received another letter saying that it was going up over $200 more a month, making our insurance become a serious issue. With wanting to have more children we couldn’t afford to not have this insurance that has maternity coverage, but at the same time we are financially too tight to pay for such high insurance every month.

So for the past month I have been looking into other companies trying to find something. I spoke with an insurance broker yesterday and he advised me to stick with the plan we have as no other plans are out there with that type of maternity coverage. So for the past few weeks as you can see I have been praying and wracking my brains about what to do. The only thing I was able to do was resubmit a risk analysis application to our insurance company and pray that something might change to lower the price. It has been over two weeks since i mailed that application in with no word, and we even had to make one really high payment as we waited.

Now, back to this afternoon….I received and urgent email from our insurance company. So as quickly as I could get my computer fired up i opened the email and attached letter to find out once again God had done something amazing this week. The insurance company had looked over my risk analysis application and had decided to lower our monthly rate to a rate lower than the the rate we had been paying since Maeven’s birth!!! With this great news we don’t have to switch plans or take higher deductibles, or go without maternity coverage!!!

I know as I read my Bible and read about all that God has done for others and look back on how He has blessed me over the course of my life, that I shouldn’t be surprised or amazed by His goodness and concern for me. Yet, here I sit blown away at how awesomely God has shown Himself to me this week. I am so very thankful for the way He has provided awesome friends who show both prayerful, financial, and friendship support, for the ways He just takes care of myself and my family. I serve a great and wonderful God and pray that I never lose sight of how much He loves me and that I always praise Him!!!


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