when keeping in touch gets harder…

Growing up at a camp at an early age I got used to having people in and out of my life for seasons of time. However, I always made an effort to keep in touch with people, even back in the days before snail mail and cell phones. Back when mail took forever and long distance was expensive. If I really cared about a friendship or just wanted to keep up a girl from camp, I would give it my all.

As I grew older things seemed to get easier with unlimited long distance cell phone plans, email, myspace, and now the glorious stalking site known as Facebook. I made a deal with myself as friends were leaving college and spreading out across the world that I would give it my all to not be the guy who let friendships fade and lose contact just because of time and distance.

Gradually though I have found myself wishing I was able to keep that promise but not sure how. I moved back to KY and years of dial up and slow satellite internet connections and crazy work schedules started thinning down my ability to keep in touch. However I still put effort into friendships. Then things got really tough I fell in love and got married…and then even tougher when my daughter was born, time just fell away.

Even though I supposedly have a ton of friends on Facebook, the pool that I am actually able to keep in close contact with has been amazingly reduced. I still try to keep with friends and play the occasional phone tag with them and enjoy the moments when we actually do get to catch up.

Another strange thing that has happened though is finding out on rare occasions that i reach some friends is how life and God has taken in such different directions its almost as though its awkward with nothing in common now.

So, why am i writing this blog? It is it to whine about friendships that have been lost or just seem to be fading? Nope, not at all. The one thing i have found is that God has blessed us with friends in our lives for seasons, for reason, and those rare special ones for a lifetime. While i know that some friendships can’t be as they once were, some will never be again, and some are there forever, I am so thankful for the impact on my life that the friends God has given have had. I’ve learned a lot about being trustworthy, loyal, dependable, having humor and laughter, generosity, being an encouragement spiritually, and just praying and caring for others.

For those of you who have had that impact on my life I thank you. And if my contact with you has faded over the years or months I am truly sorry. Please know though that you are very appreciated and if you need a friend I am still here!


2 thoughts on “when keeping in touch gets harder…

  1. I can SO relate to this post! I was just scrolling through my FB newsfeed today thinking about how many amazing people the Lord has brought into my life. It’s sad that most of those people are little more than a memory now…I know that God brings people into our lives for a season and we can rejoice in that, but I found myself wishing I could spend an hour (or three) in person, over coffee, just catching up. *sigh*
    Pray you’re well! Sounds like God is working through you and your family! So blessed to hear that!
    🙂 Erika

  2. reccenterwreck says:

    Thanks for the comment! Things here are very well as our family and ministry keeps expanding. We enjoy reading your blog too and it’s been a huge encouragement! Let us know if you ever get down to KY!

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