my first father’s day!!!

Today I am celebrating my first Father’s Day as a father. While it hasn’t been a huge party blow out that I had expected (j/k), I have had a chance to reflect on what an awesome thing becoming a Dad has been and how blessed I am by God with having my beautiful daughter Maeven.

Maeven was born last fall on September 30, 2010. In the months leading up to her birth I got the lecture from countless people about how when I would see her I would know what true love was and how I had never known it before. While I disagree with that statement, as I have experienced the love of a Godly family and finding and falling in love with my beautiful wife, and even more amazing the love of Christ, I will agree that it was amazing and a different type of love than I had ever known. Seeing Maeven I knew here was a special part of me that I was going to do anything and everything to take care of and protect.

From day 1 I have loved and cherished my beautiful daughter. She has been a constant joy to all of us in our family, even during those first few colicky weeks of life. Now though as she has reached the stage where we are seeing even more and more of her personality we find ourselves constantly smiling and laughing. She can be the sweetest little toot that just makes you want to cuddle and squeeze her, and she has her rotten moments where she knows she’s being a stinker, but at the same time knows she’s cute and flashes you a sly little grin. Even though I want more sleep I love the way early in the morning I hear her laughing and talking to herself in the crib. I love how God blessed us with a baby that loves animals and finds so much joy in petting our dogs!

img 4144


I love the way with her little personality she brings so much joy into the lives of her grandparents. Even seeing my Dad, who while a great giving and loving man, can be a little intense, just soften up like a big pile of putty whenever she is near, promising her whatever she wants!

A few months ago I sent out a blog about just being blessed by the time at night where I get to rock Maeven and pray with her before she goes to sleep. I still find this time to be a true blessing. I love knowing as i ask God to protect her and watch over her, to develop in her a heart for others and a close relationship with Him, and to see her do great things for the kingdom of God, that God is faithful and will be there with her!

So, as I sit here reflecting on my first Father’s day as a dad I am a very happy, blessed, and thankful man. I know how much God has given me with my daughter Maeven and I am so excited to see what He is going to do with her in the future!!!


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