knowing what you believe…

This week I have the pleasure of taking some of our local students to a national FCA Leadership conference.  It’s been a huge blessing already even though we have been here less than a day.  Tonight I was super encouraged as our speaker went back to basics with the students.  Before they can be leaders and share their faith they need to be able to know what they believe and why so they can defend their faith when others question it.

While this is not a new or novel idea, I find it sad to see how many of our students are going out there into the world with no clue what they believe and many times no clue about the Savior they claim to serve.  I have seen this first hand over my last few years of doing FCA huddles and before that 1st Priority in the local schools.  When you ask a student to give a full testimony or just very briefly tell how they know they are saved, they can’t do it.  Even our students who grew up in church and are supposedly strong in their faith give such a confusing testimony you don’t know if they have a clue who our great and awesome God is.

So as I was sitting in the chapel I was so glad to hear the truth about God taught, that Jesus isn’t a get out of hell free card, that their needs to be a growing thriving relationship with Him, that our students need to be able to know what they believe and defend their faith.  Then not only telling these students the things they ought to be doing, but having a speaker who would share with them how they can do this, calling them out for not doing it already and challenging them to move out starting now.

I pray that as we return home in a few days, that this is a message we can take and really challenge our students with throughout this next school year and years to come!


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