day 3: FCA Leadership Camp Update…

The third and last full day of FCA leadership camp is coming to a close here in the next few minutes, and as I am sitting on my bed writing this blog I can’t help but smile at how God has truly been working here over the past few days!

Last night and again earlier today I asked you to be praying for the students we brought to camp as well as the others from across the USA that are here as they did door to door evangelism this afternoon.   I was especially nervous for our girls this morning as they confessed nervousness about going out, even to the point of being nauseous .  So as they went out I asked for your prayers and Erin and I were both praying for them.

Two and a half hours later they came back to campus from their time out sharing their testimonies and the Gospel.  They came back not looking shell shocked or totally frustrated, but rather with big beaming smiles on their faces.  I couldn’t help but smile as they told me how they enjoyed getting to share with strangers about God.  They experienced crazy happenings, rejection, people who listened, and even opportunities to encourage fellow believers.   One of the girls even told me that she wished she could stay at camp longer and go out again!

One of my original goals for bringing students to this camp was so that they could see and hear what other students are doing for Christ and hopefully catch a vision for doing similar things in Lee County.  However, I have been so blessed to see how God took my prayer even further and allowed our students not only to see or hear the actions of others sharing Christ, but also to give them the opportunity to start right now sharing their faith and not wait till the start of school!

Another thing that God has just blessed us with this week is the solid Biblical instruction that the students are receiving from Mark Cahill the speaker at camp.  Sometimes at camps or youth rallies we often find ourselves listening to youth speakers who are more fluff and concerned more with entertaining and holding the attention of the teens rather than giving solid Biblical instruction to the students.  That has not been the case this week!  While their have been some funny moments in chapel, Mark has done an excellent job of teaching the students about knowing what they believe, how to share what they believe, and now tonight how to defend what they believe.  Unlike a typical talk teaching talk where the speaker just gives a lesson, Mark started out tonight by telling the students to listen for unbiblical and untruthful statements that he was going to make, then over the next few minutes he told stories where if you were really paying attention you could hear him make slight twists to what the scriptures said, or change what they said altogether.  From there he asked the students what untruths they had heard him speak.  So for the next forty minutes he talked with them about the fallacies he had given and what the Bible truly said.   It was just an excellent talk that showed the students the importance of studying their Bibles and being able to defend the Word of God when others twist or misinterpret the Bible.  As he said tonight, too often we have light and fluffy Christians who can’t tell you what they believe let alone defend their position.  As believers we have got to be in the Word daily studying God’s truth and as a youth worker I was convicted that I have got to make sure I am not turning light and fluffy Christian kids out into a world that is going to eat them up!

God has truly been blessing us here at FCA leadership camp!  Pray that as we close out the camp on Sunday morning that God would continue to challenge and excite our students into seeking daily a closer relationship Him and to be bold for Christ in their lives.  Also pray for us as we begin seeking ways to keep this momentum growing and burning as the school year approaches!


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