a new goal…

This past week at FCA Leadership camp, FCA did something that I think is awesome, they gave each student a Bible.  This just isn’t an average Bible for anyone, but is specifically designed to help teens and athletes.

2011 FCA Game Changer Bible

Within the pages surrounding the scripture there are various helps for the teens.  There are pages in the front of the Bible that teens can look to as guides to find where in the Bible they can locate what God’s Word has to say about many different issues, like depression, peer pressure, friendships, and relationships to name a few.   In the back of the Bible there is a section that is filled with devotionals based on the FCA theme.   As I blogged a couple of days ago, this year’s theme is on Being a Game Changer, so all the devotions are centered around that theme.  Also included in the Bible are various study guides and questions throughout the scripture designed to help the students think about what they are reading and be able to apply it to their lives.   There is also a section on how to share the Gospel and what passages to use.  It’s really an awesome tool to arm our Christian students with as they face daily battles in their walk with God!

So, as I have been using my copy throughout the past week at camp, I began thinking about how I really need to use this Bible more in order to be able to help lead our FCA huddles this year.   That way when a student is asking me about the different topics we are covering I can help them locate answers quickly.   As I began to familiarize myself with this Bible I became convicted that I need to to spend more time studying God’s word in general and familiarizing myself with, not just to know this specific version, but to really dive deeper than I have been in quite some time.

So, I made a plan not only to study the lay out of this particular Bible but to also begin today, this very day June 27, 2011 to start my journey of reading through the entire Bible in a year or less.  I want to really spend time this year not only doing studies that other people write as Bible study guides, but to actually just take time reading scripture alone and re familiarizing myself with God’s truth that is so dear and vital to my walk with Him, and also searching to discover new truths that have never jumped out to me before.  Hopefully as I study and grow in this journey I will be able to post how God is working in my life to you often.  As with anything I need accountability so feel free to ask me how I am doing on this journey and at the same time feel free to join me as well.

Today I have already begun doing a deep time in Genesis 1-3 and just meditating on God’s creation through man’s fall.   Hopefully, I can get even more time tonight to move farther along!   Once again keep me in your prayers and feel free to join me!


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