final day of FCA Leadership Camp update…

I am writing this blog from my home sitting on my comfy couch, feeling totally physically drained, but yet so full of excitement for all that God has done over the past few days at FCA camp.

Today we wrapped up the last day of camp.  It was a pretty simple day of packing up all of our stuff, the kids going to one last huddle where they talked to their huddle leader about all they had learned in the days they were at camp, then finally wrapping up with a final chapel service for everyone.   In the service Mark Cahill again challenge the teens to go forward from camp and boldly share their faith.  He talked with them about how basically every 1-2 seconds two people die on the earth.  And while the thought that people are dying might sadden us, what are we willing to do to reach them?

So, whenever the camp was over we loaded up all the girls and their stuff into the van and started heading back to Lee County.  Erin and I began talking to the girls about their week and what they had learned.  It was exciting to once again hear the excitement in their voices as they talked about their week at camp, the people they met, all they had learned, and what they wanted to do when school starts back!  As we talked about their day of going out door to door yesterday Erin and I made sure to to encourage them about their going out and I also challenged them to share their faith and the Gospel with two people they know for a fact aren’t Christians before school starts.   Please pray for them to be bold and not only take this challenge but exceed it.

FCA Leadership camp was a great experience and even though I am physically dragging right now, I feel very refreshed from some great times hearing God’s word and just pulling ministry ideas from some great men and women of God.   We are so thankful for all of you who sacrificed financially to send our students to camp and for all of you who prayed for our students.  Please keep praying for our students that they will now put into their lives all they learned this week!


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