for the library…

From the time I could read I have always loved reading things about history, fun facts, and even pop culture.   I guess part of it had to do with being on the academic team in high school, enjoying playing trivia games in college and my 20’s, and even to this day my desire to one day compete on Jeopardy. (By the way I took the Jeopardy test earlier this year and with fingers crossed hope I get a call for a tryout sometime soon!).

A few years ago my friend Ben Rowe introduced me to a glorious series of books that fed my enjoyment of all these topics, Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers.  Now, before you get grossed out and start thinking that this blog is going to get into my bathroom habits and and details…no worries, that is not going to happen!

Anyways I loved the books so much that I read through my first copy twice in a couple of months and my second book in even less time.  It was fun reading about random things like the coincidence between both the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations.  Did you know that John Wayne did a B movie about Ghengis Khan that might have led to his death from cancer?  Evidently they filmed in Nevada near where a A-bomb was tested and there was still fall out.  Almost all the cast and other members of the crew died of cancer including John Wayne and Agnes Moorehead ( Samantha’s mother on Bewitched).  Another aspect of the books that I love of these books is the various quotes that are found in it, such as “it might be nice to soar with the eagles, but the weasel never gets sucked into the jet engine!”

Anyway, I know this isn’t your typical book review, but if you like fun facts, history, stories, pop culture or even just having something quick and simple to read for short or long visits to the porcelain throne, than I am sure Uncle John will have a book taylor made for you!


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