Tonight Erin and I taught our weekly youth group class at Emmanuel Baptist in Stanton, KY.  For the past few months we have been doing a study called Fuel that is working them each week through the Bible story by story.  We chose to do this study because so many of our kids would stare at us like deer caught in the headlights whenever I referenced a story from the Bible, especially the Old Testament, as an example.  It’s been really exciting to introduce these teens to stories I grew up with and explain to them how they are so relevant and can be applied to their teenager lives!

Tonight we moved into the book of Judges.   I was able to talk to the students about how the Judges were put in place by God to settle disputes, give advice and make judgements.  We went into the story of Deborah about how she sat beneath the palm tree and judged Israel for God, even giving military advice for God.  After discussing the complete story about how she told the leader of the army of Israel to go and wipe out Sisera’s army and that God would give them victory and to make a long story short eventually all that came to place plus the enemy leader took a pretty gruesome tent peg to the head.

Anyways, the main idea we conveyed to the students tonight was on getting and giving advice.  Deborah was chosen by God and he spoke through her to advise the nation of Israel.  Because of this she was someone the people could trust.  We asked our students about who they go to for advice.  Have they ever been given bad advice?  Have they ever been given bad advice, they knew was bad advice, and still took it?  We went over the importance of seeking out people who will give wise and Godly wisdom when asked.  And how they not only need to see wise advice, but also seek what God would have them to do in the Bible.  And that not everyone who says they are giving biblical advice actually is.  That’s why we always have to check with the Bible because supposedly Godly advice will never contradict God’s Word.  I know I sort of sped through that, and believe me we went way through all that in a lot more detail with the students.

The point that I really wanted to get across to the students though is the importance of making sure any advice that our students are getting or giving is Biblically based and God honoring.   Too often they just seek out advice that won’t contradict what they already want to do and also too often they disperse advice with out thinking or just to fit in with their peers.  To protect their witness and grow in their walks with God they can’t do this they must put their relationship with God at the front of their thoughts and seek to honor Him with both their receiving and giving of advice.  Their testimony  is too important and too many people are looking to them as an example.  With God allowing us to be used to impact where people spend eternity too much at risk to take this lightly.

So, we are praying that tonight’s talk will impact our students and wake them up a bit.  Also, it’s something that I want to make sure I never forget in my own walk and hope it encourages you too!


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