consistently inconsistent…

Tonight I bowled in the Men’s Bowling League at the Rec Center for the first time in two weeks.  I was actually amazed at the fact that I bowled above average all three games tonight and was an asset to the team after being out of bowling for several days.   One thing about my bowling skills that I can normally safely say is that I am consistently inconsistent.  Some times when I bowl I am totally on fire bowling out of my mind.  Other times, in the words of Charles Barkley, I am flat out “turrible!”  Most of the time though I either start out good and get progressively worse, or I  start out bad and about the time it’s time to go I am bowling well.

Tonight on my way home from bowling as I was thinking about my weekly ups and downs as a bowler, I began to think of how the sad thing is that most of us are consistently inconsistent with out relationship with Christ.  We say we want a daily quiet time with God and start out doing well, but soon various other things like work, tv, sleep, etc. keep us from this time we so desperately need.  We say we want to do more for others and show love, yet when given the chance we fall into our regular selfish patterns.  Even more sad is that we all have said we want to see our family and friends come to know Christ as their personal savior, prayed that they will accept Him, and prayed that we will have opportunities to share with them.  Yet when those opportunities come where we can share through our actions or through our words we lack the boldness to step up and share.

Over the past week since we went to the Leadership Camp, I have really been convicted of this last issue of inconsistency in sharing the Gospel.  Even though I am in full time ministry I know that I have let so many opportunities to share the love of Christ pass me by.  I think back to family, friends and classmates that have passed away and I didn’t step up when I had the opportunity I feel an indescribable sadness.  As a youth leader I challenge my students to be bold, but how often am I bold?  I talked to some students the other night about how in the Bible we read that we will be responsible for how we handle God’s Word and that’s a responsibility that we can not afford to take lightly.  So how can we afford to be inconsistent with all these various areas of our relationship with Christ, especially in the area of evangelism?   We simply can’t!

I know that this post may seem pretty simplistic in thought and believe me I am not trying to go super theologically deep.  It’s a very simple yet very important thought.  Our walk with Christ and boldness in evangelism must not be like my sad bowling scores of way up and way down.  We must not only be consistent but growing stronger and bolder!  That’s my prayer and I hope yours too!


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