a day at the farmer’s market…

Yesterday, at the encouragement of my beautiful wife, her, Maeven, and I all took a family day together to Lexington.  For the past couple of weeks Erin had been looking on and off for something for us to do as a family that would be inexpensive and fun when she came across the farmer’s market in Lexington.  So bright and early we loaded up the van and headed out.

After driving around Lexington trying to find the market we finally arrived a little later than we had anticipated.  On the bright side we now know where to head and get there on time in the future!  Upon our arrival we loaded Maeven into her jogging stroller and headed into the market.

As we walked around it was really cool to see lots of people out with their kids or dogs.  We even got to see one of my personal favorites a english bulldog.  I think the booths probably got discouraged by my trying all the samples and telling them how good things were, but not paying for the bigger products, but the samples were good, especially the cheese!  We did buy some good home made sour dough and zucchini breads.  We also tried some really good local honey from honey straws.  While Erin was looking at a some crafts a professional looking photographer took a picture of Maeven and I.  We are convinced that it’s going to end up in the paper or people magazine or something…j/k!

While it wouldn’t have been something I would have thought of doing on my own, it was a lot of fun and just what we needed as a family.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Lexington Farmer’s Market I highly recommend it!


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