For the past few days on and off I have been reading a great book called “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan.  I had several people I respect recommend the book so I have been excited to jump in and start reading it and so far the recommendations have been highly deserved!

Today I was reading a chapter that dealt with knowing whether or not we are a look warm Christian and how the church in America often takes what God called us as Christians to look like and says that example is just for radical believers and not expected of everyone.  I was saddened as I read many of the examples of lukewarm christianity that were given as I saw myself in some and could see many people I knew in the examples as well.  Most saddening though was how I thought of many of the students I work with and how this lukewarmness defines their whole relationship with Christ.

Come to my youth group on Wednesday nights and I dare say most church youth groups and you will see an up and down attendance.  While there are some students who genuinely want to be there and grow in their walk with God a vast majority are there because their parents want them to be, because it is the thing to do if you are a Christian, or nothing else more exciting is going on somewhere else.  We see that when their is a sports event or something more exciting our numbers reduce drastically.  Our students are not only lacking in boldness in sharing their faith most of them have never shared at all.  They look out for number one and are not willing to sacrifice time, money, or anything else to share the love of Christ that might cost them personally.

So what or who is to blame for the lukewarmness of our students?  All too often I think the answer is us, the adults, role models, and even parents in the lives of our students.   While we say we love the Lord and would do anything for him we too are selfish and won’t do anything that puts us out.  When a sporting event or something fun comes up we allow our students to bail on Church and often bail ourselves or whine and complain about how we wish we could be where the exciting thing is happening.  We allow our students to miss church and a chance to grow in Christ for whatever reason they want.  Whether that be that they have to participate in sports or a school project, or just don’t want to go.  We wonder why our students don’t share their faith, yet they have never seen us step up be bold and share with others.  We wonder why they students won’t sacrifice for the sake of Christ’s love…and yet we won’t either.

God sacrificed so much for us in sending His Son Jesus so that we can have a relationship with Him.   He didn’t do that so that we can be lukewarm and do the bare minimum to get by without ever truly having a deep meaningful walk with Him.  He wants us go grow closer to him daily and more and more passionate about sharing Him, with all whom we come in contact.  We are to be more and more passionate in our desire to worship Christ with our fellow believers, no matter what is going on.  How can we expect our students to have this kind of fire burning in their lives for Christ, when they are not seeing the same for us?  Too much is at stake in the lives of our students for us to continue on this lukewarm weakling sissy Christian path we are on.  We must be passionate, bold, and on fire in our walks with Christ!

Are you as a parent, leader or role model modeling that relationship with Christ for your students are you willing to say no to whatever the World is offering instead of church or time w/ God?  May we not be found lukewarm!


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