bringing kids to camp…

This morning I woke up and got ready to head out to pick up kids for the last grade school camp of the summer at YHBC.   A followed the bus to Stanton, KY where I loaded 40 students’ luggage and belongings into the back of my truck so that they could all fit on the bus.  Once everything was loaded I ran quickly to get an ice cold Mountain Dew from the convenience store and then we headed back down the road to YHBC.

On the way to camp I couldn’t help but think of the many memories of camp that I have had growing up.  From the various friends that I made to the way the staff and speakers impacted my relationship with Christ.  Even though I accepted Christ in my bedroom at home it was things I had heard at camp that convinced me at such a young age of my need of a savior.  When I was 16 God used camp to get ahold of my life to where I knew that I was going to go to a Bible college and serve God in ministry some day.   As I thought about these things I couldn’t help but wonder if God was going to use this week of camp to impact the students we were bringing to give their lives totally to Him.

As my memories and thoughts got my mind racing I spent the last little bit of the ride to camp praying that God would use this week to reach these students.  Who knows what can happen when these students are separated from all the negative influences they have at home and with friends and get where God doesn’t have to compete with so many distractions. If you get a chance this week please pray for the many students that are at YHBC and for the various other Bible camps around the country that are in session!



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