church, naps, soccer, family time, and dvr’d Wipeout…

Well, the title of this blog pretty much sums up the events of my Sunday, but it was a really good day.   This morning in our Sunday school class we had a guest speaker who spoke on the importance of setting a Godly example to our children.  It was nice to hear tips he gave on things like how to encourage scripture memory with our kids.   Even though Maeven has a bit before we get to where she can speak, it was a great lesson to be reminded of the importance of starting right away as a Godly example and not trying to be that example after our kids are being influenced by everything but us.

After church, we stopped on our way home and I was able to get my guilty pleasure the Little Caesar’s Hot N’ Ready meal deal.  I know it’s cheap cardboard pizza but I do love it.   So it was great to come home eat something I love while enjoying some time with my family.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a huge soccer fan when it comes to soccer verses other sports.  My days of helping run soccer games that lasted for hours and all to often ended in ties (something no true sport should ever end in), and dealing with some really arrogant soccer pro’s (yes you Landon Donovan) and coaches just sort of burnt me out before I could ever develop a liking of the sport.  However, I find myself watching games and cheering four the USA every time there are Olympic or World Cup matches, probably more out of my patriotism than like of the sport, but I cheer nonetheless.  So this afternoon I made it home in time to find myself glued to the end of the USA vs. Brazil quarterfinals game of the World Cup.  I only got to see the shoot out but cheered with my all and was excited to see our country do well and move on.  And yes I will probably be there cheering again on Wednesday during the semifinal game.

After the game I took a much needed nap.  I knew I was tired when I passed up the opportunity to watch Batman Returns, one of the movies I can rarely turn away from.  I am very thankful for Erin, my beautiful wife who took care of Maeven this afternoon allowing me to get some rest.

When I awoke we got Maeven ready and headed back to church tonight where we had a guest speaker who shared his testimony about growing up as a Mormon before giving his life to Christ.  It was really interesting as he explained some of the different branches of mormonism and the belief system.  It was also convicting as he said too often when Christians are approached by Mormons we rip them for being in a cult but whether it’s because we are nervous about sharing our faith or just don’t want to we rarely ever take the time to share the true Jesus with them.

After the service was over we were able to just hang out with friends at the church catching up.  One of the things I really like about our church is that people aren’t in a hurry to leave and get on their way.  It’s nice just to be able to fellowship and spend time with people who genuinely care for you.

When we returned to the house, Erin and I split all the duties of getting Maeven ready for bed.  I must say I do make a mean bottle of formula!  Once our little one was down for the night,  I began another one of my guilty pleasures, watching dvr’d episodes of Wipeout.  For some reason no matter what mood I am in, no matter how tired I am, or what time of the day it is, watching crazy people wipe out and put their bodies into painful crashes makes me smile.  A little sadistic, maybe, a lot of fun, oh yeah!!

Well, now our evening is winding down, but a full week awaits.  Tomorrow I am heading out bright and early to help pick up campers for the last grade school camp of the summer.  Also, we have lots of leagues going on at the Rec Center this week.  Can’t wait to see what God is going to do!


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