a great day w/ my wife…

Today, for the first time in awhile I was able to take my beautiful wife Erin out for a date day.  I know most people do date nights, but with Maeven’s early sleep schedule, that’s a bit harder.  So this morning we took Maeven to my parents’ house and we went to Richmond.

About a year ago Erin had gone with some other ladies to a Greek restaurant in Richmond and has been telling me forever how good it was.  So finally today we decided to go there.  Good News – the food was excellent, it was definitely the best that I have had since I left Chicago.  Also, they had Jones Soda flavors which was great!  Bad News – as good as the food was it we definitely tasted it the rest of the day.  Great news – my wife and I are married so don’t have to worry about having non-Greek food breath to impress each other!

After getting some candy to sneak into the theatre Erin and I headed off to see the final Harry Potter movie.  The movie was really well done and very close to the book.  However, as I have said about all the books and movies, they are definitely not kid movies.  The violence and scariness were a bit too much for kids, although that didn’t stop some parents from bringing their kids in.  Even though the movie was good, the best part was just having time with Erin and doing something we love doing.

After the movie we did what makes any trip to Richmond or Lexington complete…we went to Walmart!  Since Friday was payday that meant Saturday had to end as a grocery day.  But I did get some stuff to make some good stove top popcorn!

Today was a simple but great day.  I am so thankful for my wife and thankful for the time that were able to spend together.  Even if i stil taste that gyro!


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