a sad patriot…

This afternoon I did something I have never actually set out to do before.  I was determined to watch a soccer game on tv all the way through even though I have plenty of time to do something more productive with my time like taking a nap.  Yet, I found myself sitting on the edge of my couch cheering on the USA women as they played for the World Cup Championship.   Once again my patriotism outweighed my feeling about soccer.

Time after time I thought the US was going to score and put the game out of reach and twice they scored for the lead and I thought they had it all wrapped up.  Then each time they let the Japanese team back in until it came down to the shoot out.  As everyone probably knows by now the shootout was heart breaking as we lost.

I found myself in shock not believing that they lost.  As a fan of US sports I was sad but at the same time proud that they team had played so well throughout the tournament.  Yet deep down part of me asked myself a very deep question.  I asked, Andy, why didn’t you take a nap?!?


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