marriage ref…

One of the shows that Erin and I have been enjoying this summer is the Marriage Ref. It’s a really funny show on NBC where married couples come on and have some funny thing that they can’t agree. After watching a brief video bio that explains the couples background and the issue that they are facing. After watching this humorous clip a panel of celebrities, usually comedians, critique and make jokes about the couple before deciding who is right about the issue at hand. At the end of the show the winner of each conflict that was profiled comes back out and the audience votes on who deserves to win money for being the most right.

The show has typically been pretty hilarious. There have been arguements over everything from disagreeing about doll houses, annoying in-laws, having too many hair weaves, to having built a 1700’s english pub in the house where buddies come over dressed as french and indian war soldiers. One time there was even a wife who left her husband home a lone several nights a week to go hunt ghosts. To which comedian Tracy Morgan said that he wanted her to go find his uncle who died that owed him 40 bucks!

The one thing I don’t understand about this show, or most reality tv shows, is why in the world do these couples go on the show??? Yes, I know they can win money, but public humiliation would be more than I can bear. So, while I will keep watching and enjoying other people’s marital disputes, I can guarantee I won’t be on the Marriage Ref!


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