social media…

Tonight I am going to be attending a class on using social media to promote your business or organization. While I am not sure on all the details I know it will be talking about specific ways to use twitter and Facebook and various other tools for promotion.

While I am really excited to find out more about the business and networking capabilities that these forms of social media can have I have been thinking more and more about how they have changed our relationships with others. As I was pondering this issue I came across a tweet a friend of mine posted that I thought was very true. He said, “Social media is a great SUPPLEMENT to relationships, but a terrible SUBSTITUTE. Make sure u have real, loving, human relationships.” At the same time I saw a car commercial where a girl was talking about how her parents needed to have more friends online and that they aren’t social, all the while she is by herself talking to here 600 Facebook friends while her parents are out mountain biking and living life.

I agree that these forms of social media can be a great supplement as my one friend said for relationships. However, I think too often we are allowing them to create surface relationships where we know the basics of what someone is doing but very little else about their lives. Yes it’s good to keep up with people we would have lost contact with other wise, but as Christians how can we go deeper if we don’t truly know our friends and what they are dealing with? How can we know how to pray for them or actually be there for them when we are only cyber stalking and poking them?

Don’t worry this is not a blog for me to rag on social media. I love using it and am so thankful for the connections I have been able to make with it. I am just saying be a real friend too, not just an online one. Reach out to your friends and see where they are at and what issues they are dealing with. If you can’t do it in person, use the phone. No matter what though reach outside your computer!!!


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