sooo hot right now…



Wow, today is just a humid and hot mess here in Beattyville. You know one of those days whereyou just need to step outside the comfort of your air conditioned home or work place for 5 seconds and you will be totally drenched w/ sweat. That’s what happened to me as I walked Erin and the baby back to the house after they came to visit me at the Rec Center. When I arrived less than 100 yards from the Rec Center to my house I was so sweaty that my wife remarked ewww when she gave me a hug good by.


Well, this isn’t a blog to complain about the heat or my short insignificant walk to the house. I want to ask you to pray for the camp that is going on at Youth Haven Bible Camp this week as they have started their annual Sunshine Camps. These two weeks of camps are for the mentally and physically handicapped. Many of these campers suffer from seizures and other health issues that are intensified with the extreme heat and humidity that we are currently having. Please pray for the safety of the campers as the are participating in various activities and also for their counselors and the other staff who have to keep a high energy level up! Thanks so much and I pray that you are able to keep cool too!!!!


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