a good meal…

This afternoon Erin and I had to make a trip to Richmond for a check up and to get some groceries that we couldn’t get here in Beattyville. When we finally got the chance to get a bite to eat, I got to make the choice. I really only had one thing on my mind that I wanted to eat, but I had to play with Erin a little first and tease her by saying I wanted some sliders at White Castle. She of course was appalled that I would want to take my one good meal there.

All during the summer on the different channels there are shows about bbq. As I have tortured myself this summer watching them, I have begun to crave ribs, brisket, pulled pork, baked beans, and all other bbq goodness. So with my opportunity to choose our place for dinner tonight I suggested Sonny’s where I was able to get an amazingly delicious plate of pulled pork bbq. I added some of their sweet and smokey sauce it got even better. Lastly, when you add some good baked beans and very sweet and good corn bread it’s tough to beat! . So, I know this is a pretty simple blog but I am just really excited about my opportunity to dive into some good bbq and just had to recommend you get some too!


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