catching up w/ jr. staff…

Tonight Erin and i had some of the junior staff at camp over to our house for a popcorn and movie night. While we had a lot of fun hearing them talk and then watching a little Paul Blart Mall Cop, my favorite part of the evening came at the end of the night.

We got to sit and talk with the girls for a long time about their previous week of camp working with the sunshine campers. It was awesome to see how once again God used this week to not only be a blessing to the campers and their families, but the impact that was made on the lives of the workers as well. While i heard some stories of hard work and some difficult situations, I didn’t hear one complaint. I heard laughter and joy as they talked about their time with the campers.

This Monday we start another week of Sunshine Camp at YHBC and are expecting a pretty good sized group of special needs campers. Please pray for their safety in the heat of camp and for the workers as well. Most importantly please pray that lives of both campers and workers would be impacted and changed for Christ!


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