whale wars…

This afternoon I sat down on my couch to do a little catch up time on some tv shows that I had dvr’d over the past couple of weeks. One of the shows I decided to watch is a show on Animal Planet called Whale Wars. If you haven’t seen the show it’s about a group called Sea Shepherds that go every winter to the Antarctic circle to try and stop the Japanese whalers from killing whales. The Japanese say they are killing only for research, but most people agree that they are killing whales that are nearly extinct for food, oil, and various other products that the Japanese use.

As I watch the show each week I have noticed, that although some are borderline crazy, these people are totally sold out and passionate about saving whales. So much so that they often put their own lives at risk. Last season one of the smaller Sea Shepherd vessels was run over by a harpoon ship with her crew falling into the chilly Arctic waters. Luckily, no one was killed but the risk was there none the less.

While I do think some of the stunts the Sea Shepherds do are unnecessary and nutty, and I think that their captain is totally irresponsible with the lives of his crew, a part of me does admire the passion that they have to be sold out to their cause. As I watch that passion I automatically begin to think of our cause as Christians to spread the Gospel and make disciples. Yet, do we have the kind of dedication to be so passionate about Christ and seeing other’s come to Him, that we are willing to take risks. While very few of us may ever be called to risk our lives for Christ are we willing to risk social standing, cool factor, job security, or something as simple as being out of our comfort zone? If people can be so passionate about saving whales, dogs, and even tree’s why aren’t we as passionate about seeing the souls of our lost family and friends saved and seeing them come to have a relationship w/ Christ?!? If we think about our calling in Christ in these terms i pray that we will be urgent and dedicated to sharing Him always with those around us!


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