my fitness pal…

For the past couple of years I have been saying that I am going to get more serious about my diet and exercise in order to take care of my body.  Since the birth of Maeven, I have been feeling more and more guilty about the need to take care of myself to insure she has a healthy father.  I have tried everything from slim fast to not eating with barely any results.  Sometimes a little bit of a roller coaster of my weight both up and down up and down, and then ending mostly up.

Who would of thought that my iPhone would be the thing that has actually got me slowly yet consistently moving downward towards my weight loss goals.  I downloaded a free app called My Fitness Pal.  The app lets you enter your personal information such as height, age, weight, and what a typical day of physical activity for your looks like.  You then plug in what your ideal weight would be and how many pounds you would like to lose per week (up to 2 lbs. a week).  Based on that information you are given a specific amount of calories a day that you can eat.  The app has a huge data base where you can look up your meals add what you ate to the program and it automatically deducts so you know how many calories you have left for the day.  Not only that you can enter whatever your exercise for a day is and it will give you a few extra calories you can enjoy in food based on your work out.

So far I am down 12 lbs. with a lot more to go.  But the encouraging thing is that with this program I am staying on top of and committed and seeing results, even if they are slow.  I encourage you if you are a tech savvy person who wants to get into better shape to give the My Fitness Pal app a chance.  It’s free and it works…and you can’t beat that!


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