thankful for small blessings…

This morning started off with a hurried pace that I had not anticipated.  I had planned on getting up about the normal time, spending time with Erin and Maeven and then a long walk and prayer time before getting ready to head into the Rec Center.  However, I got a call that I was needed at the Rec Center right away when I awoke, nothing major just getting some stuff for a construction project, and then had to run to town for supplies.  When I returned home I took Angel on a very quick run, got cleaned up and rushed to the Rec Center to open up on time.

As I was heading out the door to open the Rec Center I realized something, I wasn’t wearing my wedding band.  The really bad part was I didn’t remember ever taking it off.  I rarely ever take off my wedding band and so I checked the only two places in the house I ever take it off and it wasn’t in either.  From there I hurriedly checked a few more places, but had no choice to leave and get the Rec Center open on time.  I called Erin and told her a few places that I might have lost it, and she checked to no avail.  Throughout the rest of the day I spent lots of time in prayer and retracing all my steps, including walking very slowly down the route that I had jogged in the morning……nothing.

When Erin and I got married in 2009 I chose a wedding band that wasn’t that expensive.  I chose one that was nice looking, but made out of tungsten carbide and was supposed to be indestructible.  I liked that my wedding band was so tough, not only should I not be able to ruin it, but also the fact that it also symbolizes what God intended for marriage to be.  A marriage when built around God is to be tough and indestructible and be able to weather what ever puts pressure on it.  So as I thought about my tough symbolic ring missing today I was just sick and nauseous.  I wasn’t losing a lot of money but something that was very special and meant so much to me.

Tonight I decided one more time that I would check everywhere in the house that I could have lost my ring.  And in the midst of checking our couches for the third of fourth time I found my wedding band buried in a crevice in one of the couches.  When I found my ring I did two things right away, I thanked God for answering my prayer and ran and gave my wife a big hug.

I am so thankful that God cares about little things and helps us out with things like finding missing wedding bands.  Even more so I am so very thankful for the large things like providing such an amazing wife who is committed to an indestructible marriage that is God centered!


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