don’t kiss and tell…

Don’t worry this is not a blog post about kissing or making out at all so please calm yourselves.  Growing up we all have heard the saying about don’t kiss and tell.  Basically meaning that there are just some things that we should keep personal and not share with others.  As I have gotten older I have realized that this is so true and really have tried to guard my personal live with all my might.

Yet in our current age of social media it seems as though we often want to share too much about our lives.  I know I have been guilty of updating twitter statuses to let people know where I am and things like that, but that’s not what I am talking about, unless you count those who update us to let us know anytime they are doing anything in the bathroom.  I have honestly been amazed at what people post for the whole world to know.   Whether it be calling out people in their schools, towns, jobs, calling them names or confronting them about disagreements.  Other people airing their dirty laundry about various family members or church family members.  With twitter, facebook, and gossip sites like topix people are airing way too much personal information.  Without thinking people damage their own testimonies and use their words to tear apart others.

While we may wonder why people do this thinking yeah it’s embarrassing, we mustn’t forget the truth…it’s sin.  The Bible is very clear that gossip and slander are sin.  It doesn’t matter what someone has done to you to go online bad mouthing and ripping people apart is just as wrong as it would be to go to work, church, or any other public place and do the same.  In Matthew 18:15-19, we read the words of Jesus as He tells us how to deal with confrontation and arguments Biblically.  The first thing he says in verse 15 is to go to the person we have the problem with face to face.  For us to bypass this and go public is unBiblical and is sin.

I’m not writing this blog post to be preachy or aimed at anyone in particular.  I just think as I see constant posting of personal things that people shouldn’t be sharing or being publicly confrontational we all need to be reminded that Christ has given us explicit directions on what to do and not to do in these areas.  So please let us not fall into sin so easily and quickly as we use social media and let us guard our testimonies and build up instead of tearing down others!


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